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A Mobile and Full Stack Developer with extensive experience in crafting beautiful user experiences using Flutter, Swift & React

I began Programming at the age of 16 with Swift as my first language. Later on, I started exploring more of Web technologies and gained a handful of experience at numerous tech startups before taking freelance projects of my own.

I have been working with Flutter and Flutter Web since about 2 years now and recently gaining a lot of hands on experience with Swift 5 as well. I am working full time as a Mobile Dev Consultant at Thoughtworks and love every day here, I have never experienced one of the best employee-friendly cultures before which teaches me something new everyday in Tech and as a person too. Working with Agile teams in Test Driven Development environment with extreme focus on usability and shipping extremely thoughtafter products.

Current FocusSwift UI


Mobile Developer Consultant

Thoughtworks is a Multinational company with one of the best cultures and practices in Tech. I am working with Mobile Development team which focuses on shipping apps for ~50m+ users on average. It is one of my dream companies since I have been coding

July 2021 - Present | Remote ( Bangalore, India )
Lead Mobile Developer

Togoparts is one of South-East Asia's leader in the cycling and fitness domains. With almost half a million registered users and presence in Singapore, Malaysia , Philipinnes and Indonesia its been around for over 16+ years and achieved profitability almost a decade back.

  • Migration of the mobile app to a redux based architecture
  • Built and scaled the app from ground up to get over 2500+ downloads in less than 4 days of release
  • Heavily worked with Flutter_Bloc and GetX and integrated CI/CD to reduce deployment times
  • Released apps on both iOS/ Android and handled rejections by apple with swift updates and changes
  • Co-ordinated and worked with backend team on various Webview integrations with custom set of queries for web and mobile platforms.

May 2021 - June 2021 | Remote ( Singapore )
Mobile Application Developer

Accucia is a mobile development studio based out of Pune with extensive experience in crafting beautiful user Experiences for a variety of International Clients and Enterprises. An award winning company with a great culture that promotes growth and talent.

  • Shipped 6 production apps completely in Flutter and Swift for US based markets.
  • Increased user retention in Apps with over half million downloads
  • Created seamless transitions and Animations for use in Multiple apps
  • Extensive experience using third party tools and Libraries like Agora and extensively working on creating custom open source libraries that reduce workloads

June 2020 - April 2021 | Remote ( Pune, India )
Flutter Developer

A Funded startup that aggregates College based events among students

  • ReJoined Eventbeep to help scale their flutter app
  • Created seamless transactions feature for over 10,000+ Users.
  • Created Analytics dashboard used for internal tracking using Flutter Web
  • Incorporated wireframes and prototypes into full fledged products.
Nov 2019 - March 2020 | Pune, Maharastra, India
Full Stack Developer Intern

Wipiway helps build products pertaining to the entire software development life cycle. Engaging clients at any stage, right from conceptualization to deployment and support. Wipiway builds quality products using cutting edge technologies and are team of grads from MIT and Stanford and is based out San Francisco Bay Area.

  • I worked using Node.JS and Algorithmia to create Blockseed Investments backend
  • Brainstorming with the client and working on the changes
  • Used and Vue and React for front end dev
  • Scraping RSS feeds for the clients mobile app similar to Blockfolio and working extensively with firebase

May 2018 - August 2018 | Mumbai, Maharastra, India
Software Developer
Product Development
  • Part of the initial team at Walkthru worked on creating the web platform
  • Testing responsiveness and add custom designing.
  • Oversee transition from page-based styles to modular component styles
  • Guide best practices around accessible, semantic UI/UX
  • Tools: NodeJS, React, MySQL // Angular, JS, jQuery // Sass // HTML
  • Dramatically increased speed of UI development using atomic, scalable CSS
  • Walkthru was incubated at John Hopkins University during my time there.
Dec 2017 - April 2018 | Remote | New York City
Mobile Developer Intern

A Funded startup that aggregates College based events among students

  • Worked as mobile Dev and helped shape their mobile apps from scratch
  • Helped out on the web application side of things too.
June 2017 - August 2017 | Pune, Maharastra, India


Benefacto Logo

Vault is ed-tech app with 900+ users with a host of features which helps in preparing for IELTS. See details for tech stack

  • Used CodeMagic CI/CD to automate builds
  • Built independently and from scratch using Flutter
  • Uses Firebase Cloud firestore for all education related data and for Forums and In App Chats
  • Uses Crashlytics, Cloud Messaging for push notifications and Firebase Auth
  • Consists of In App Purchases completely in Flutter and Admob for showing advertisements for non premium users
Uni Assist
Flutter Uni-Assist

DYPIU Assist is one of its kind app for helping students with everyday challenges at the university. Get class schedules, notes,events and announcements,holidays, reference books and more.

  • Built with Created using Flutter
  • Uses Firebase and Google Analytics
  • Real Time notifications for all events and schedules by teachers
  • A dashboard to check all students activities
Football Dock

A cross platform desktop app for live football scores created in Electron

  • Available for MacOS, Windows and Linux
Fifa cards
Flutter Fifa BLOC Cards

FIFA Cards App Using BLoC Architecture and Reactive Programming with advanced filters and state management

  • Built using Flutter
  • Used BLOC Pattern and RxDart
  • Reactive Programming and Clean code Architecture followed
  • First of a kind fifa card design completely in flutter
  • Consumes Data from a REST API
Campy NodeJS App

For USA Market, a product I am building for a client, thePro Nextdoor is a platform that promotes quality work and service amongst local service providers and customers, one real job at a time.

  • Google Maps SDK, Flutter
  • In App chat, video call and audio calls using agora
  • NodeJS APIs for almost everything
  • In App reviews , In App Purchases, ratings, Dynamic contact forms and a lot more
Decentralized voting
Follow Up Task management

A Trello and Jira like app built completely in Flutter for company's internal management and employee tracking

  • Built with Flutter, Firebase, Swift UI
  • Consists of Real time chat, real time tracking of tasks
  • Auto Fills, Full Fledged search , Task tracking, Payments integration
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Mobile Development

Swift 4Swift
xcodeXcode and Android Studio



Desing and UI frameworks


Javascript and Frameworks




Build Tools



FirebaseAgora SDK


University of Pune

Pune, Maharastra, India | 2018 - 2021

  • Computer Science

Akshara International School

Pune, Maharastra, India | 2017

  • CBSE Grade 12